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  • Squash

    Squash is a high-intensity racket sport played between two players in a four-walled court. This sport [...]

  • Sports Recreation Club

    The Sports Recreation Club is a new CCA set up in 2021, helmed by the Year [...]

  • Softball

    Softball is taxing on both the mind and body, requiring both mental and physical strength. Besides [...]

  • Soccer (Girls)

    Soccer Girls is a CCA filled with muddy boots, tiring trainings, and lots of excited shouting [...]

  • Soccer (Boys)

    Don’t be afraid if you haven’t had any prior experience playing football competitively! As a developmental [...]

  • Shooting

    Unlike other sports that prioritise explosive speed or sheer strength, shooting values balance and precision. To [...]

  • Sailing

    From factors we can predict like currents, wind strength and directions to unpredictable factors like the [...]

  • Rugby

    We train three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4.30pm to 7pm at [...]

  • Judo

    Judo is started by Jigoro Kano Sensei in 1882 and has now become a widely practised [...]

  • Hockey

    Game face on, no fear. Push, sweep, hit; score, cheer. There has always been an indescribable [...]