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  • Raffles Symphonic Band

    Founded since 1982, the Raffles Symphonic Band (RSB) is made up of a group of talented [...]

  • Raffles Street Dance

    Raffles Street Dance consists of a family of spirited individuals who share a passion for street-style [...]

  • Raffles Rock

    The magnitude of sound was astronomical. The decibel level was on the threshold of pain. The [...]

  • Raffles Players

    Raffles Players is a vibrant community passionate enough to put any idea into practice. Here, you [...]

  • Raffles Modern Dance

    Imagine … graceful movements, dramatic lifts, the spotlight shining on you as you lose yourself in [...]

  • Raffles Jazz

    Raffles Jazz is a remarkable start for anyone who wants to delve headfirst into this wonderfully [...]

  • Raffles Chorale

    Gathering twice a week in the cozy LT1 at the Y14 campus, Chorale members explore the [...]

  • Piano Ensemble

    Here at RIPE, we seek to expand the horizons of aspiring pianists beyond the one-dimensional world [...]

  • Malay LDCS

    As an event-based CCA in Raffles, we do not hold weekly meeting sessions like other CCAs. [...]

  • LDCS (Chinese)

    What is CLDCS? We are like a 'spork', a 2-in-1 combination of both a spoon and [...]

  • Indian Cultural Society

    Raffles Indian Cultural Society provides a platform for fellow Indians to gather and bond with one [...]

  • Guitar Ensemble

    Raffles Guitar Ensemble is one of the few performing arts CCA in Year 5-6 that welcomes [...]

  • Chinese Orchestra

    Under Mr Yang Jiwei's baton, RJCO has achieved stellar results in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival [...]

  • Chamber Ensemble

    Stuck behind a music stand, staring into music written by composers hundreds of years ago? Is [...]