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  • Writers’ Guild

    This CCA has found its home on the fifth floor of Block A, where members gather [...]

  • The Raffles Debaters

    Our club seeks to nurture critical thinking and a passion for knowledge in all of our [...]

  • Students’ Council

    At the heart of the Students’ Council are students, individuals like you and me who attend [...]

  • Red Cross Youth (RI Chapter)

    Upon joining the Red Cross Youth Chapter (RCYC), you will have the invaluable opportunity to learn [...]

  • Raffles Society of Biological Sciences

    Did you know that there is a walkway in our school dedicated to Gregor Mendel, the [...]

  • Raffles Runway

    Raffles Runway is a unique fashion design CCA, where like-minded individuals work towards an annual Fashion [...]

  • Raffles Press

    While we are indeed extensively involved in covering the multitude of events that take place over [...]

  • Raffles Photographic Society

    Here in the Raffles Photographic Society, we provide you with both the expertise as well as [...]

  • Raffles One Earth

    Being part of Raffles One Earth means to be part of a group of like-minded members [...]

  • Raffles Interact

    Service starts with the smallest of actions – simply being there and enjoying the relationship with [...]

  • Gavel Club

    With sparkling eyes and a gaping mouth, I watched a TED-Ed talk on YouTube with pure [...]

  • REN (Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network)

    Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Disruptive industries. People keep throwing around these big buzzwords to talk about the most [...]

  • Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society

    The Raffles Economics & Current Affairs Society (RECAS) is a small and close-knit community with a [...]

  • Community Advocates

    With our hectic day to day life, it is all too easy to overlook a glaringly [...]

  • Raffles Archives & Museum

    With its Y14 CCA formed in 2013, and its Y56 CCA newly started in 2021, the [...]

  • Outdoor Adventure and Activities Club

    Do you like trekking through lush green forests, listening to nature’s peaceful tunes? Wandering through the [...]

  • Mathematics Club

    Are you interested in getting completely “mind blown” by ingenious ideas? Are you thrilled by the [...]

  • History and Strategic Affairs Society

    HSTA might stand for the Historical and Strategic Affairs Society, but our members are neither historians [...]

  • Film Society

    Film Society will train you in the skills of filmmaking, so you have a versatile toolset [...]

  • Computer Science Society

    ver wanted to learn coding but not sure how to begin? Here at the Computer Science [...]

  • Club Automatica

    Excited about self-driving cars coming to Singapore? Or amazed by the smart tray return robots at [...]

  • Alchemy Club

    Calling all Chemistry enthusiasts! If you are interested in chemistry and would like to spend a [...]

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club comprises two sections, International Chess and Chinese Chess. Regardless of which form of chess [...]

  • Bridge Club

    When we think of bridge, many of us associate it with the game “floating bridge” we [...]

  • Audio Visual Unit

    Have you ever thought of being the “backbone” of events, or wondered how events are able [...]

  • Astronomy Club

    We are astronomers. We are a group of people with a burning passion, rooted in the [...]