A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away....

This design is inspired by our theme, Raffles Voyage. Just like a voyage into space, life is a journey of discovery where we constantly expand the limits of our understanding and abilities. The many unknowns make life exciting and challenging at the same time.

The space shuttle that anchors our school mascot, Griffles, symbolises the strong support system that RI provides to face these challenges. Griffles’ astronaut suit represents the strong principles that gird and guide us for the journey of exploration ahead. Finally, Griffles casts his gaze at the goal he is voyaging towards – to be the hope of a better age.

Artists involved in the logo and website design are:

Mohamed Khair bin Mohamed Agus, Fan Jiaqi, Tjan Yi Xin, Lauren Chin Sze Hui, Colleen Chia Siyu, Aditya Mahajan Hua Qian